About us

1983 les débuts du jardinA schoolteacher and his garden

Everything had to be done when we bought the school in 1980. We had already seen the exceptional potential of the site including a breathtaking view of the Lake Temiscouata.

A passion is born1995 extension du jardin vers le bas de la colline

At the age of twelve Jacques Cyr started gardening with a neighbor. She taught him the basics of horticulture and he quickly had a passion for landscaping. He has never stopped gardening since.

2000 jardin deau et piscineThe small garden will grow

This former schoolhouse was built in 1948, moved to the property in 1964 and used as such until 1969. The owner bought the house in 1980 and began his horticultural odyssey. In 1989 he bought the school yard and trippled the size of the garden. In 1999 three water gardens were installed and became the major attraction of the garden. In 2000 the garden is open to visitors.

A living style2001 la maison du jardinier vue de la rue

In Jacques’point of view gardening is a simple way of living that involves a lot of physical work and creativity; but if there is a horticultural lesson to be learned from this garden, it is that great beauty is possible when you work hand-in-hand with Mother Nature.


1983 expansion du jardin vers larrière

1987 en arrière avec jeune peuplier de Lombardie

2003 vue sur le lac

 2004 en bas avec pergolas