Schedule and fares

Open visit every day

10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

From June 24 to Labour Day

General admission

Adults : 8$

Ages 65 and over : 7$

Ages 12 and under : 5$

Group of 10 people or more : 5$ / per person
(reservation required)

Season pass : 20$

 Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Le Jardin de la Petite École and live
an unforgettable contemplation experience, in a world of beauty and tranquility.

A splendid landscape for your wedding and family photo sessions
For reservations, call 418-899-2740 

Pictures of the Garden





Customer story

What beautiful scenes!

Sheelagh Prosser and Golden Cashel
Tipperay, Ireland

Magnificent garden! It's like a dream!
Thank you very much!

Tina, Sanda, Emilia & Marian, Toronto
Aka, Romania

So beautiful, we are breathless! The most
exquisite private garden i have never seen.
A artistic botanical treasure.

Delnia & Ben Jackson
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Una meraviglia della natura!!!

Gigi, Nico and Elia Curzi
Rimini, Italy

Beautiful garden! We enjoyed very much.

Gene & Judy Brown, Florida

A beautiful labour of love. Thank you for the pleasure
of letting us see your great work.

Lawrence family
Wellington, New Zealand

Stunningly beautiful gardens and the view
of the lake is the crowning glory! Well done!

Vera & Larry Lawlor
Camlachie, Ontario

Amazing!!! What a new, such hard work!! 
So colourful and beautiful!

Kim & Bart, Halifax, Nova Scotia

More beautiful every year!

Edith Greiner
PresquIsle, Maine